About Me

I work with individuals, and couples struggling with relationship issues as well as mood disorders, personality disorders, and addiction. I am well versed in many therapeutic methods and have created my own integrative approach that begins with therapist and client meeting on equal ground. We do not stand alone. I believe that like any relationship you deserve genuineness and empathy at all stages of your healing process. Human beings need and thrive on acceptance. I believe the relationship itself is healing by nature:

“The self-awareness and human presence of the therapist is more important than the therapists technical training. And the boundary between psychotherapy and ordinary life is necessarily thin”

Carl Rogers

My Values Oriented approach drives my integrated therapy. I  chose the name Golden Oak for my practice for the very special meaning it has for me as a therapist and in my personal life. The Golden (retriever) is unconditional love and acceptance, reserving judgement and is the family companion. The Oak is the true symbol of strength, longevity, freedom, and integrity. Ancient cultures distinguish the Oak as one of three sacred trees, massive both physically and spiritually.

It is my hope that we can forge an alliance that helps you define your core values, use mindfulness techniques to build self-esteem, confidence, hope, resiliency, and a sense of belonging. Our partnership means we take a solution-focused approach in a warm, safe environment. I would love to help you find a life that is authentically you through safe exploration that provides insight and awareness for lasting change in your life.

I am also a masters level internationally Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Certified Dialectical Behavioral Therapist who is passionate about helping individuals, couples, and families navigate the recovery process. I work with a wide variety of personal and interpersonal issues that often accompany substance use, including personality disorders, mood disorders and trauma.

I offer weekend appointments to accommodate your schedule, coaching calls for additional support when needed. Give yourself the gift of becoming a happier, healthier you. Call Today (951) 397-0960.


Professional Endorsements

“I have worked with David for the last two years and highly recommend him. He has an amazing ability to create a safe and healing environment for his clients. He deeply cares for the wellbeing of every client he comes in contact with. David has extensive experience in treating clients struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders.“

“David and I have worked together for many years. He is a competent and compassionate therapist. He is professional and kind in his care for his clients.”

“I especially loved my therapist David Thurman who took extra time with me to help me get my life back on track. It has not been easy but with his help I have grown exponentially in every area of my life.”

verified by Psychology Today